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Over the past 10 years of travelling and working in remote corners of the world, I have come face to face with many human impacts in my favourite places. As such storytelling has become an integral part of my work. I particularly enjoy focusing on positive developments in future technology and delving into the more overlooked, controversial topics, which are often oversimplified or polarised in a way that can hinder real time conservation. I specialise in creating written, audio and visual content, for print and for online platforms.  As a published author and educator, I am also able to further the reach of my work by translating these important environmental topics into school workshops and public events too.

Below you will find a small collection of my most recent works. I am open to discuss collaboration ideas, if you have a story that you would like help telling, please drop me a line at

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Re-Wilding Africa

I'm currently in the process of editing a new full length documentary and a series of shorts filmed over October/November 2022 at Mount Etjo Safari Park, Namibia. The piece covers the pragmatisms and nuances involved in re-wildling a large section of land in the face of climate change and polarised public opinions. This involves elements of hunting, meat production, draught and tricky wildlife management decisions faced by the Oelofse Family.

Tight Lips Sinks Ships

A story on the proposed closure of the porbeagle shark fishery off the coast of Cornwall and Devon; a mixed web of interest groups from scientists to recreational anglers. A combination of data hoarding and a lack of trust between communities has led to outcomes which, most importantly, may be detrimental to the species everyone is trying to save.

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Iceland's Green Machine

A full length documentary and written articles exploring Iceland's unique geography, it's wildlife and the new carbon storage technology by Climeworks and Carbfix. This project was sponsored by Berghaus and Blacks.

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