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My name is Sarah Roberts. I've worked all around the world with various wildlife species, both as a guide and in field research. For a long time, I was on a quest to live and work as far off the beaten track as possible. 

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This led me to a remote floating lodge amongst a coastal temperate rainforest in Canada, where I trained and worked as a grizzly bear guide. 

It took me through the African bush to track wildlife dawn till dusk, day after day.

And left me on a tiny Bahamian island, where I worked in shark research (until one of the subjects sampled me instead).

No matter how far away I ventured though, I realised that I was fighting a losing battle - even in the most isolated ecosystems on the planet, you cannot escape the evidence and threats of negative human impacts...

So instead, I began documenting the issues and I've been sharing my stories in written articles, video blogs and public speaking events ever since. I even set up an education outreach project which I've been running since 2014.

Now that I have stopped trying to outrun the problems, I've begun consulting and working with media platforms, conservation groups and brands, to create factually accurate content which could help solve them.

In 2014 I created my first children's book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley',  which has been used in schools around the world to teach about Plastic Pollution.

In fact, over the last 5 years, I have become particularly knowledgeable about all things 'Plastic' and I was made an Ambassador for LADbibles's Trash Isles campaign.

We cannot protect an individual species, without protecting an entire ecosystem. 

In the same way, we cannot tackle one environmental challenge, without changing our entire global culture. 

This is where I will share my experiences and stories, which I hope will promote understanding of environmental issues and allow people to find a common ground. 

Sarah Roberts | Naturalist | Eco Journalist | Author

Sarah Roberts | Naturalist | Eco Journalist | Author

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